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Hj. Zairul Sahari (Striker)
Omar Halim (Striker)
Harith Hasrah (Midfielder)
Haady Mahari (Midfielder)
Haziq Mn (Midfielder)
Azrin Ainuddin (Midfielder)
Afeeq Taufiq (Midfielder)
Ruzaini Muhamad (Midfielder)
Ashif Husaini (Midfielder)
Song Vuili (Midfielder)
Goh Qi Hao (Midfielder)
Hamdi Arshad (Midfielder)
Ajis Kamalrudzaman (Midfielder)
Wafiy Rosli (Defender)
Ak Khaliq (Defender)
Hj. Sahrul Sahari (Defender)
Waie Saiful (Defender)
Yusree Abas (Defender)


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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Somehow, the password to the Cobra FC blog has been changed! As for me, I don't remember changing it. Maybe I did, but I clearly do not remember! Honest! Anyway, here's about today's match against HKM United.

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Cobra FC line-up:
Hamdi, Sahrul, Fikri, Aziz;
Afiq, Kamarul, Harith Waie, Amin;
Haadi, Omar

Akim, Fathul, Arif, Zairul.

Cobra goalscorers:
  1. Aziz Hanafi
  2. Haadi Mahari
  3. Amin Tamrin
  4. Afiq Taufiq
  5. Akim Khalid
  6. Harith Waie
  7. Omar Halim
  8. Malik Mahari 

HKM goalscorers:
  1. Unknown
  2. Azreen Shah

 represents the man of the match.

We played against them at our new 'Home' ground, Yayasan School field. I know we have no connections whatsoever, but I think it would be a great boost for Cobra FC for having a turf. It used to be at Pusar Ulak field, but that place, honestly, sucks balls.

We went home with a win in our hands today with a massive scoreline of 8 - 2! We drew first blood and unexpectedly, the goal came from volunteer player Aziz Hanafi (from eX!) who struck from close range inside the box when the defenders weren't able to clear the ball out of there. The second goal came from a delicious through ball by Afiq to Haadi leaving no chance for the marker to keep up with the speedster. For a non-finisher, he finished just nicely. A few moments later, Haadi was replaced by Fathul. The third goal came not long after keeping possession. Amin ran for a cross from Harith on the left side and was almost caught offside, but was safe. He calmly shot it low passed the goalkeeper's left side. Half-time ended 3 - 0. HKM United had a few chances, but failed to score from them. We really dominated in the first half!

Second half started and this time, HKM United got their long-desired goal since the start of the game. Malik didn't manage to catch the ball. It rolled under his arms and gave the opponent the upper hand to score easily. It wasn't long after that when Afiq scored the fourth! That was his 3rd goal of the year for Cobra FC! Substitute Akim came on for Fathul and steadily playing for only a few minutes, he scored beautifully! He was going to cross it into the box, but instead the ball swerved into the net, making it 5 - 1. The goalkeeper tried to keep it out, but he was too late! Maybe he also thought the ball was going into the box and not into the net! Passes carried out well from Zairul to Fathul to Haadi opened up a goal scoring opportunity for Harith Waie. It swooped HKM United completely. Actually, Harith Waie's goal wasn't supposed to be counted because he was offside. The ball bounced off the goalkeeper's legs and into the net. Omar's goal was awarded because the high ball back to one of the HKM defenders went through his legs allowing Omar to sprint on and finessed shot it which hit the goalpost and into the net. Finally, HKM United got another goal with a solo effort by Azreen Shah who ran across midfield and into our box. He confidently slotted one for the team! If he played for full-time, HKM United could've gotten a few goals already!

The last goal was epic! It was from our goalkeeper Malik! It was the last corner of the game and Malik decided to join the attackers in the box. The ball landed into the box causing a cluster of players to get rid of the ball, but it went in Malik's path and he managed to fire it past the keeper. He also earned the man of the match! He played full-time and even scored in the last few minutes! Full-time whistle blew and the match ended 8 - 2. Viva la Cobra! That game is one worth remembering! Thank you all for coming! Thanks for reading, guys! HKM United wants a rematch in the future. We look forward to another match with you good sirs!

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Defeated Again.

Jana Villa FC 4 - 2 Cobra FC

We played at RBA Field last night. We expected a win last night against Jana Villa (again), but failed to do so. Here's our first XI:


Harith Waie, Fikri, Ashif, Hamdi

Fathul, Haadi, Ajin, Afeek, Amin


Malik wasn't supposed to be our goalkeeper, but because of Aqil's absence, we had no choice. Unfortunately, we were poor in the first half. We were repeatedly invaded by their long and high shots and weren't fast enough to outrun their attackers. Our defenders were easily pulled away from their positions creating numerous chances for Jana Villa. Fathul was shown a yellow for a foul on their forward, Chun. We conceded 3 goals in the first half while we soldiered on with nothing. There were chances by our attackers Afeek, Amin and Fathul, but they failed to convert them to goals. Referee blew for the end of the first half with a scoreline of 3 - 0.

We decided to change formation and this time, we tried the 4-4-2 formation.


Tayib, Hamdi, Sahrul, Fikri

Afeek, Ajin, Ruzaini, Fathul

Haadi, Omar

The second half performance was much better than the first! Despite Ashif's own goal to put Jana one goal ahead which made us having to chase them 4 goals further, we did pretty well! A goal for Cobra came not long after we kept on attacking. A cross was fed by Afeek into the box, but the keeper - instead of catching it - he punched it into the middle of the box and later was confidently left-footed into the net by our #23, Haadi. A few minutes after that, we bagged another goal! Fathul did brilliantly to put in the ball  from the far right side into the box and it was eventually headed comfortably towards goal. The keeper tried to save it, but he couldn't. Amin was shown yellow for a late challenge on one of the defenders after losing the ball. We tried to even the score, but we were too late as the referee blew for full time. The score ended 4 - 2 with another loss in Cobra history against a strong Jana Villa. Well played, lads!

Here's a group photo after the hard fought game!

Standing (L-R): Fikri, Zairul, Sahrul, Eyul, Afeek, Harith Waie, Fathul, Omar
Squatting (L-R): Tayib, Malik, Haadi, Hamdi, Amin, Ajin, Ruzaini

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Sunday, 4 March 2012


Jana Villa FC vs. Cobra FC
Date: 9th March, 2012
Time: 8:30 PM - 10 PM.
Venue: UBD Sports Complex

Hope to see you there!!!


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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Equally good!

Jana Villa FC 5 - 5 Cobra FC

Jana Villa goalscorers:
  1. Chun (pen.)
  2. Aizat
  3. Aizat
  4. Sharin (o.g.)
  5. Kha'liq (o.g.)
Cobra goalscorers:
  1. Afeek (pen.)
  2. Amin
  3. Eyul
  4. Kha'liq
  5. Amin

Last night was the second match played against Jana Villa FC. It was a very good match, indeed! First half was a bit shaky for us. In the first few minutes, a penalty was given to them because of a dive by one of their strikers when Kha'liq tried to steal their ball and clear it. The referee was convinced that it was a penalty when clearly, it wasn't. Our centre-back was shown yellow. They were 1 - 0 up when JV's number 7 struck a shot which didn't look like a goal, but the ball hit the post and spun into the net on the keeper's right side. Our defense was penetrated number of times, but we managed to hold on.

Not long after their penalty, we got one too! This time, it was Harith who was taken down - clearly this time. Up to the take the penalty kick was Omar, but Afiq stepped up instead. Luckily, he scored and the scoreline was 1 - 1. Due to our poor defending, they grabbed another two goals which was scored by JV's number 9 who goes by the name of Aizat - one shot over our goalkeeper and one tapped in after a poor clearance from the goalkeeper. Aizat had one too many dives that he had gotten yellow for trying another dive in the box again. The half-time whistle blew and the scoreline was 3 - 1.

The game changed when the second half was commencing. We jumbled up our positions and boosted our confidence. Amin, who was playing far on the right, zoomed through JV's defense and slotted one for the team (3 -2)! Unfortunately, luck was on Jana Villa's side as we conceded two goals which were accidentally put in by Sharin and Kha'liq - both from corner kicks. 5 - 2 was the score, but we kept on pushing! Butterfly FC volunteer, Eyul, came in and scored one for the team which was passed terrifically through the middle by his brother, Zairul. JV also had chances to make it 7, but Jimmy, whose shots bounced off the post twice failed to convert them into goals. A few minutes to end game, Haadi came back on for Eyul; and this time, luck was on our side. A free-kick was given to us when their last man defending brought Haadi down dangerously and was shown yellow for such a selfish challenge. Kha'liq took the free-kick and unbelievably scored! Very relaxed and well-taken by our centre-back! Harith's free-kick before this was clearly curling into the net, but was denied and was beautifully saved by Azhim.

Our last attack of the game came from a Harith cross which bounced just outside the box. The goalkeeper came out of his position and couldn't do anything as he was outside of the box. He lost it as he was pressured by Haadi. Soon, Amin cut in, stole the ball and comfortably put it in right at the top corner! It was smiles all the way for Cobra! We believed that we could've gotten another goal, but Aqil, in the end, was down on the ground - in pain. 

The referee blew for full-time and the scores were level. It was thanks to our faith in the game and our endless teamwork! Congratulations to those who scored, both for Jana and for Cobra! Thanks for reading, peeps!


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Sunday, 19 February 2012

CFC Mini Futsal Tournament. #1

Last night, we held an unofficial mini futsal tournament. Here are the results:

Team Eyul
Harith Waie, Eyul, Zairul Nasri, Mijan Also & Achit. Sub: Sharin.
(PTS/5 W/1 L/3 D/2 GD/14)

Team Syah
Ajin, Ashif, Haadi, Syah & Omar.
(PTS/11 W/3 L/2 D/2 GD/15)

Team Afiq
Fathul, Mijan, Sahrul, Akim & Afiq. Sub: Zully.
(PTS/11 W/3 L/2 D/2 GD/14)

1st match: Eyul 8 - 2 Syah
2nd match: Syah 2 - 1 Afiq
3rd match: Afiq 2 - 1 Eyul
4th match: Syah 2 - 2 Eyul
5th match: Syah 4 - 1 Afiq
6th match: Afiq 3 - 1 Eyul
7th match: Syah 2 - 0 Eyul
8th match: Syah 0 - 2 Afiq
9th match: Eyul 2 - 2 Afiq
10th match: Syah 3 - 3 Afiq (Supposedly Eyul)

The winner is Syah's team!


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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Friendly With Butterfly.

Butterfly FC vs. Cobra FC

Time: 4pm - 6pm
Venue: Yayasan School Field
Date: 12/02/2012 (Sunday)

Hope to see most of you there!


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Sunday, 8 January 2012

First match of the year.

Jana Villa FC 6 - 4 Cobra FC

Our first official match for the year 2012. We went against a good team with various players from various teams - Jana Villa FC. We saw some familiar faces who ever defeated us long time ago, but that didn't matter. We didn't use neither our Home nor Away jersey. Thanks to Omar's brother for lending his yellow football kits to us. There were linesmen and a referee even.

In the first half, we were quiet and shaken by their constant pressuring, but we kept trying to push them back and counterattack. The opposing team were communicating with each other really well. Their passes were good, a little mistake, but overall they were all nice - especially through balls. As for us, we also did call out each other's names from time to time though - but only when the ball was being brought forward. Unexpectedly, the first goal was scored beautifully by Omar who headed in the net from a Haadi cross on the right side. To our surprise, we actually drew first blood! That's something to be proud of! Take it as an achievement for the team for drawing first blood in this fresh new year.

Unfortunately, our back four weren't able to keep out and disturb Jana Villa's strikers as they slotted 3 goals in a row in less than 30 minutes into the game - but we didn't give up. It was clearly not, Aqil, the goalkeeper's fault. Besides, the terrain on the goalkeeper's area was sandy and not flat. Nevertheless, we kept on going, finding open spaces to flank the left and right backs of Jana Villa. We weren't able to get one or two more goals before stoppages. And so, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the first half. It ended 3 - 1. We planned a new formation and a slight change of positions for our players.

The second half started. Honestly, we were dominating! We kept on attacking by feeding the ball into the path of the runners. Everyone seemed to improvise after a quiet first half. It was a great sight to see indeed! Our opponents were feeling rather tired, but they didn't go easy on us although they had the lead. (Obvious fouls weren't given to us, but were for Jana Villa.) Hamdi, who was playing left-back, scored the second goal for Cobra! They called for an offside, but the flag remained down. A few minutes after that, they bagged another 2 goals so the scoreline topped up to 5 - 2. This is when we started to control the game. A relaxing finish by our volunteer player, Abin, challenged and struggled with the last man and managed to shoot the ball past the goalkeeper which rolled on safely into the net. The last goal for Cobra was scored by Afiq who luckily put it in the bottom corner. We had lots of chances, but we weren't able to convert them into goals. We could've won the game! All of us were hoping to even the scoreline, but was unable to as they got ahead of us first. The match ended 6 - 4. Courtesy to the goalscorers who did their best!

All in all, it was a terrific game! Man of the match? Definitely Malik Mahari, our next Mr. Dependable! He played very well in the left-back position. No looks of tiredness. He just kept going and going, clearing the ball, intercepting passes and winning the ball by sliding in front of the ball carriers - CLEANLY, EVEN! Good job, everyone! Thanks to those who came and volunteered to play with us. We are very grateful for your presence. You guys did a good job too! 'Til next time!


Don't forget our flop of the match! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


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Thursday, 9 June 2011


ABC FC 2 - 7 Cobra FC

I have to admit, it felt great beating them, no wait, thrashing them down. We did'nt expect this big of a win, we were actually nervous at the start of the game. It was drizzling at UBD the rain made us even more nervous. ABC's early 1 goal lead got our hopes down but once we scored that equalizer we were back in the game and just a few minutes after that, we scored our 2nd goal to make it 2-1 just by the half time. In the 2nd half, ABC equalized and it seemed we were fated for a draw, but no we kept scoring and scoring. credits to the defenders especially to Wafi for shutting out the competition. Overall, everyone has improved alot and I'm proud to be in this team.


Ajis K.
Amin T.
H. Waie
Omar H.
Haady M.

Man of the Match :

Wafi - for being a brick wall in our defense, holding off our opponents for the full 90 mins and topping it off with a goal. CONGRATULATIONS!


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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

10 - 4

Cobra 10 - 4 SAS

We were using our away jerseys today in our friendly match against SAS. They hadn't enough players so we just played 10 aside with Malik on their side. We scored 5 in the first half while they stayed nil. In the second half, one of their players went home unexpectedly so I volunteered to play for SAS FC - still 10 aside though. A few minutes before the game came to an end, Harith Waie also changed his jersey and played for SAS FC. We scored 4 in the second half, but they scored another 5. A good game indeed! I enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone else did too!

Man of the match: Tayib Roux for his bicycle kick goal.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

We did our best.

Despite the lost,we did our best and scored 3 goals. But hey,losing is part of the game .. yet,winning was our aim. I hope everyone enjoyed playing yesterday. Anyways,i want to say sorry for my behavior towards the team. I've made a huge mistake by joining another team without informing you guys. I've withdrawn from the team already. So,what's done is done/the past is the past. I just want to let you guys know that I'm fully committed to the team,through thick and thin ..

"Once a Cobra,Always a Cobra."

- #9

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Galacticose takes us on for revenge.

Galacticose FC 7 - 3 Cobra FC

We won our first match against them at the RBA field with a scoreline of 5 - 4. Unfortunately, today we were torn to shreds with new temporary imported players from various teams. Overall, I think most of us enjoyed the fun on the field. In the first half, their goalkeeper was shown a red card because he touched the ball while making contact on one of our strikers, Faiz Sabri. Although they were 10 men down, they still managed to play well. We were pressurized and scoreless in the first half, but not in the second half. The first goal was a rebound by Omar from a penalty shoot-out by Azrin. The other two goals which I didn't see were both by Harith Waie.

Most of us are still rusty from a big break before and during the O'levels. Nevertheless, it was a terrific game indeed!


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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New kits!

Greetings! Let me just inform you guys about our match against Galacticose F.C. which is on December 5th, 2010. It will take place at the UBD field and I'm sure the captain will be expecting most of us there for substitutions. To those who can't make it and already gave their reasons, that's alright. You're excused. If you have any injuries (eg. Hamdi out for a week due to a hamstring injury, as said in the inbox), please let the captain or anyone know before the very day.

We just got our new kits sponsored by Aewon and b-mobile. Click HERE to see a sample in my blog.

Here they are:


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Thursday, 11 November 2010

New players!

I'd like to welcome our new players Adli Syafiq and Ajis Kamalrudzaman. We appreciate your commitment to the team. Hope to see more excellent performance from you guys. After our O'levels, we'll be training again so we hope you guys can make it!


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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Back from the.. ??

Finally a new post after two months. 'O'Level examinations are close to a finish now so we'll be looking forward to our pending matches with people all around the world. Just joking. For those of you who still remembers our matches, please let the 'guy of management' know soon so he can make arrangements. Thanks! Bye!

Also, I'll be modifying the biographies soon!


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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

HEY EVERYONE!! remember me? what up!! got me like zomygad like zomygad.. so mocks are done now and we're sure to be looking forward to are next matches, will let you all know soon. alright, that's it for now. it's 6.45 in the morning.. gotta get ready to see me mates in school. goodbye!

-Yusree Abas

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